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Know our projects executed in Latin America and the Caribbean

  • Venezuela

    30 years
  • Mc Donald´s
  • Teleplastic
  • Instituto de Otorrinolarincologia
  • Bayer
  • Cinex...
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  • USA

    1 year
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  • Trinidad

    3 years
  • Mc Donald's Grand Bazaar
  • Mc Donald's Dumfries
  • Mc Donalds Cipriani
  • ...
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  • Puerto Rico

    3 years
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  • Martinique

    1 year
  • Mc Donald´s Dillon
  • Mc Donald´s Cluny
  • Mc Donald´s Le Marin
  • Mc Donald´s Le Robert
  • Mc Donald´s Galerias
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  • Guadalupe

    1 year
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  • French Guyana

    1 year
  • Mc Donald´s Cayene
  • Mc Donald´s Matouri
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We work to take it to a safe and reliable port.

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